DJ Musica is a trail blazing Spanish class with a unique and magical formula that ignites a love of Spanish. 

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With years of experience and specialist knowledge DJ Musica combines the colour and energy of Spanish with an intricately planned and structured framework for language teaching & learning. 
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DJ Musica Overview

It is DJ Musica's mission to give children the BEST introduction to Spanish and to lay the foundations for a confident, inspired and happy learner.

DJ Musica brings Spanish to life with music, dancing, games and laughter. DJ Musica knows that children learn best when they feel confident and happy.
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Scheme of work:

The intricately planned scheme of work builds strong foundations and really inspires children to learn. DJ Musica prioritises depth and enjoyment of learning over lists of vocabulary.

  • Sounds, pronunciation and intonation,

  • memory acquisition and development,

  • confidence and enthusiasm,

  • basic sentence composition and scaffolding,

  • fundamental grammatical concepts,

  • more complex structures are introduced as children grow in confidence and ability.

The DJ Musica scheme of work follows the Key Stage 2, 3 & 4 National Curriculum giving children the best head start in Spanish.

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Cross Curricular

DJ Musica takes children on a journey around the world and through time. Topics include the Spanish Fiestas, the Aztecs, The Galapagos Islands, The Amazon Rainforest, Cuba, Frida Kahlo, Eva Perón and many more.

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